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Dembski’s ongoing antics

For someone who presents themselves as a “serious intellectual”, William Dembski‘s “debating style” seems to be better suited to the elementary school playground than an adult discussion. First he comes up with his childish “Darwin vise grip”. This was followed by his foray into voice acting to attack Judge Jones on the Kitzmiller verdict:

In late 2006 Dembski created and published a Flash animation, The Judge Jones School of Law at the intelligent design website, OverwhelmingEvidence.com. [41] [42][43][44] In it he originally depicted John E. Jones III, the presiding judge in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, as a flatulent mouthpiece of the ACLU. In an email Dembski, after it was published that he provided the voiceover, offered to let Judge Jones provide his own voice for the animation and to reduce the frequency of flatulence in the animation if Jones agreed to participate. [45] This prompted critics, among them Richard Dawkins, to question Dembski’s motive and the scholarliness of such tactics. [46][47][48]

(from the William Dembski article on Wikipedia; authorship available here)

Continuing in this vein of high intellectual discourse, Dembski has replied to Jerry Coyne’s scathing review of Behe’s latest work of fiction (The Edge of Evolution)…comparing Coyne to Herman Munster.

Come to think of it, “your ugly, nyaa, nyaa” is a more convincing argument than anything else the IDists have come up with. Once again, Russell’s Law comes into play.


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  1. […] be taken seriously.  When Coyne’s review eviscerated Behe’s book Dembski responded by calling Coyne ugly.  He has followed that up with more preschooler-insults.  Ooh…the reason Behe won’t […]

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