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Holes in the big tent?

DefCon Blog points out something of a rift between the Young-Earth Creationists and the IDists.  In the DeWolf Op-Ed in the Boston Globe (which PZ characterised as “science-by-press-release“) he said:

At the New Hampshire debate, Wolf Blitzer asked Arizona Senator John McCain a follow-up question: “Do you believe creationism should be taught alongside evolution in the nation’s schools?” This too is a trick question, because no serious advocate wants to teach “creationism.”

Obviously this isn’t true (Bill Buckingham wanted creationism and settled for ID as a consolation prize), but it does expose a rift between IDists and YECs.  DefCon Blog makes a nice point about Dobson’s Focus on the Family and Family Research Council – that while they carry ID material on their website, they also attacked DefCon Blog for their criticism of Ham’s Creation Museum).

Of course, on the other hand, many people have pointed to a deep YEC presence in the intelligent design movement.  While Behe may not be a YEC (he’s far stranger), Pearcey is, Wells may be, and even Dembski sounds like one sometimes).  Still, the open promotion of “creation science” and YEC ultimately hurts the DI goal of promoting the wedge strategy.


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