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DeWolf and denialism

I am fascinated by David DeWolf’s ability to project the actions of the intelligent design advocates onto the general scientific community. In his Boston Globe Op-Ed, DeWolf claims that people who see the science as being “settled” are saying “[m]y mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.” It’s a strange denialist bizarro-world in which people who base their position on science are cast as closed-minded, while those who base their arguments on ancient religious arguments are the open-minded ones. That sort of nonsense is offensive. But DeWolf doesn’t stop there, he goes on to say:

Some may have the illusion that science is devoid of politics. But whether we debate the efficacy of a pharmaceutical drug, the risks of electromagnetic radiation, or the potential benefit of embryonic stem cells, financial and ideological agendas are not easily set aside

Yep…that’s what ID is – an attempt to foist an extremist religio-political agenda upon science. As before, DeWolf pretends that the description applies to the scientific community, and not to the denialists.

It really makes you wonder how low the editorial standards of the Boston Globe are, that they would publish this sort of nonsense.


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