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In which I contemplate on my own comments

My comment made to PZ’s latest post:

It makes sense that IDists would grab onto the idea that complexity originated early on – it’s perfectly consistent with their idea of the designer sticking all the genes for a human in the first primordial bacterium. Not a problem as long as you have some mechanism to ensure that mutations don’t mess with your creation (and that mechanism would be God, the same God that preserved the Bible in its original King James language, from the time Moses wrote it down until today).

Of course, beyond that it gets a little sticky. Did S/He create one bacterium for each modern species/”kind” and then let the programme run its course? Or did S/He intervene every few generations to switch on and off genes? Did I just come up with a new idea, or are there creationists who believe that each “kind” was created as a single-celled organism and let to evolve deterministically to modern species? And if I have just created a new creationist model, will the DI make me a fellow, so I can write a book about it? 😉

Posted by: IanR | June 8, 2007 01:40 PM

So did I come up with a new creationist idea, or is this idea out there in the world already? It seem too trivial to be new, but I’m far too lazy to try to figure out whether the idea exists already or not. I’m not even quite sure where to start looking (maybe in Mark Isaak’s Counter-Creationism Handbook?)


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