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I am trying to figure out what Technorati is all about. It seems to be a tool to monitor references to your blog(s) – pings, trackbacks, these kinds of things that I really don’t have all that great a handle on. I suppose I should really be using trackbacks when I comment on other blog posts – after all, I suppose the point of this all is to let people know you exist, so that maybe they’ll take a moment and figure out what you’re all about.


3 Responses

  1. I still dont get Technorati, lol! I bet it has a ton of fun features, but I just use to to see who links to me.

    But then it misses 20% of them, and I only notice through sitemeter referrals.

    I do like how you can Technorati someones post to see all the responses to it. Very handy on ScienceBlogs.

  2. Well, it definitely brings in traffic! I’ve gotten five views based on google searches in the last two days. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

  3. I like it because it gives me another useless metric to track in my endless pursuit of blog-power. Technorati authority, awww yeah.

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