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Ashcroft as hero

Steve Benen, over at TPM gets into something I have been thinking about for a while – in the wake of the James Comey testimony, Ashcroft comes out as something of a hero, as the great defender of constitutional rule of law (and had I read people like Wonkette and Andrew Sullivan, I would have heard others talking about it at much greater lengths). Benen makes the point that Ashcroft is no civil libertarian – it’s only the context of Bush-Cheney-Gonzales that Ashcroft looks reasonable:

Confronted by Andy Card and Alberto Gonzales over warrantless surveillance, Ashcroft did the right thing and defended the rule of law. But I’d probably hold off on sending him an ACLU membership application.

This discussion is based on a Washington post article which discusses Ashcoft’s tenure at Justice.

All this got me to thinking about Ashcroft and what I think of dominionists. It seems obvious that Ashcroft is something of a dominionist – that he believes that America should be a Christian country, that stuff…presumably a soft dominionist, but still a supporter of theocratic evil. But most theocrats aren’t bad people – they seek to be good people. So, while Ashcroft endorsed a lot of terrible things while Attorney General, he probably has no desire to do evil. While True Believers are usually dangerous to society at large, since they tend to view things one-dimensionally, they can sometimes be a danger to those who seek to use them, for precisely the same reason.


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