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Greatest cartoon ever

This is the greatest cartoon ever. Having finally submitted his dissertation, Mike Slackenerny is faced with that utterly unreasonable question “Are you going to get a job?” (Since she has been supporting him for years and is holding their baby, Mike’s wife probably sees her question as reasonable).

Of course, the previous Piled Higher and Deeper cartoon about Mike is even better, in a sense. Mike submits the his dissertation to the graduate school and gets the comment “OK, very good. Congratulations. You’ll get your diploma in the mail. Next!” Mike walks away with the question “Now what?” I think that finishing a Ph.D. dissertation is one of the most empty and anti-climatic things you can do. Finishing a dissertation is an act of effort and endurance. I really have nothing to compare it to in my experience. But when you finally finish there’s no celebration, no fireworks. Sure, people will congratulate you, say nice things, but it still leaves you with an incredible sense of what now?

My problem is that three years later, I am still asking what now? And I just don’t have an answer to that question.


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