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Waiting for Fitzmas Well, still waiting. At leas…

Waiting for Fitzmas

Well, still waiting. At least the news has gotten interesting again. It’s also cool to see Al Franken out hawking his new book which, as he points out, is prescient.

I also filled out a Harris Poll survey yesterday in which they used to “i-word” – do I think Bush should be impeached, and why. Of course I said yes, and among the three reasons I listed the fact that he had abandoned his post on 9-11 and run away and hid. I doubt many people will share my opinion, but it’s nice to get to say it to a pollster. More important though is that fact that they are asking it. Chris Bowers (I think) on MyDD has been asking that pollsters ask the question for months, because he felt that there was groundswell for impeachment, but if pollsters were not asking the question there was no way for people to know.

Another interesting point was made today at HuffPo – that this is worse than Watergate – 2000 American soldiers have died because of these guys actions.


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