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Ah, the simple pleasure of working in a coffee sho…

Ah, the simple pleasure of working in a coffee shop. There’s something about sitting in a coffee shop, near campus, that Borders simply can’t match. The added advantage of free WiFi is cool too, though it is a little distracting. Actually that’s part of the problem – I can sit here and blog and still feel productive. Ah well…

Can I really call this a post? It says nothing of any significance, it’s just an immediate thought, something that comes over you in the moment and you want to save…and, hopefully, share. Is that what blogging is all about? To some people that’s exactly what it’s about. But I don’t want to be the kind of person who sits around writing things that not even their friends care to read.

Writing is a habit – a habit that I have yet to perfect. Ok, I am so far away from it that I can’t even talk about ‘perfection’ – I can only talk about basic and bare competence. It’s fun. I can write even when I have nothing to say (like now). But writing should be about something. I’m not trying to re-create Seinfeld – and even that was about more than most of my postings. So why am I writing? Is it to communicate with people I care about? Not really – this isn’t the sort of personal blog that people write to be read by their friends. I actually took about a year to tell anyone about it. I have a desire to write, a drive almost – but nothing to say. No great thoughts float around in my head waiting to get out. Well, maybe they are their, but they can’t get past the cloud of fuzziness into which my brain has degenerated. How sad. Maybe if I wrote every day I would get better at focus and the thoughts would start to linearise themselves. Maybe, but I won’t hold my breath, and neither should you. Wow – probably the first time I have addressed “the reader”.

Anyway, time to get back to work…


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