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All the more reason to be upset with the right win…

All the more reason to be upset with the right wing. Can’t these people ever be honest? At Dailykos the comments from the usual liars – about how they didn’t know about the fact that Markos was consulting for the Dean campaign. Ok, so maybe it is totally possible that these ultra right-wingers didn’t know – after all, if they ever stepped outside of their carefully insulated worlds they might be forced to face the truth about what’s going on in the world. Is it any surprise that they didn’t know what was posted at Dailykos if they never visited the site? Does it even matter what they knew or didn’t know about matters that almost certainly didn’t interest them in the least?

It’s a little like the Lewinsky scandal – the people who were most upset at the “lies” were people like my roommate who hated Clinton’s guts to begin with. Yeah, sure, you were so shocked and hurt…but you believed that he was responsible for the death of Vince Foster! Whatever…

Anyway, all this crap about nothing. The right wing led by the WSJ spews lies. We should be used to that. From the deserter on down…


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